Indonesia will never master English well. Why?

Indonesia will never master English as English is just a foreign language. English is just as a book. It is oriented to grammar only, not the real language for daily conversation. No matter how long have we learned English at school for years and years, it’s just a waste of time. Look at the graduates of senior high school, universities. How long have they studied English, the result is zero. They cannot talk English fluently nor write English grammatically correct.

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The important thing in mastering English is its usage to communicate

The curriculum, however, has been designed to meet the optimal result but it’s really beyond the goal. We learn English from elementary school until we’re at University but can we really use English well? Once again it’s zero. What’s wrong? Why is it difficult for us to arrange and make English sentences correctly? To know the fact that the English goal at the senior high school in Indonesia is aimed to reach the informational level. This level is very high and it means that we should talk and use English well but the fact once again is away from what we have planned. Our country is really full of theory. It is very wise if the theory is completed by practices.

Practice makes perfect, English will only become a knowledge, will remain and stay as a theory if we seldom practice it. One of the solution for our loved country is that English must be as the country’s language. English can be the third language after Bahasa Indonesia and the tribes’ language. The key to success in mastering English is that, English should be used for daily conversation. Learning any language, including English is just the same. It will be easy if we really speak it. Isn’t the goal of English learning so far  for communication? So, By getting accustomed to speaking and using English in daily lives our English will be better and better and finally we can master English well. Shortly, Indonesia will be easily master English if English become the country’s language because all of Indonesian people are encouraged to use and speak  the language. Sooner or later English will be soon mastered
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  1. My lecture ever said that the opportunity to master a language like a native is almost impossible. According to the interlaguage theory, possibility like a native is just about 5 %.

  2. The important thing is that we can speak and use English as we live in this globalization era, no matter Our English is not like the native speaker..but we can be, we can try to be

  3. As long as our English applicable, means others are know what are we talking that's the point

  4. Well, that was exactly what I've felt all this time. Even though I think that My effort in learning the English language has reached a maximum level, yet still never feel satisfied with my speaking skill. It's simple, just because of less practicing

  5. I hope we become the agents of changing. Let's make a possible atmosphere, an environment that encourages us to speak English...

  6. No need to be serious. Just finding expat and having conversation, that's enough then we could count ourselves.

    And one thing, that we love to find any argue for explaining barrier, even nobody want to know about it. ha3x...

  7. hahahah....Pak Mochtar, big thumb for you


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