Life Must go on, I finally leave SD Siberuk and teach at MTs Darul Hikmah

Now, I will tell about my story shortly. I had been an English teacher at elementary school  in the year 2005 to 2012. So, it had been 7 years I taught. It was not a short time for me. It’s hard for me to leave the school. When I was at the school I really enjoy teaching English to kids, children, age 6 to 13 years old. I liked the situation, the atmosphere of the school which was full of joy, laughs from the children. English at Elementary school is identical to songs, games, coloring, and many other interesting things. I did enjoy singing, playing games with my students.

MTs Darul Hikmah
Memory of teaching at SDN Siberuk

The condition will be completely changed as the new curriculum appears. As a fact, the government never gives clear regulation concerning to English curriculum at elementary school. English is only a local content. There is no policy and regulation to the recruitment of English teachers at this school. To tell the truth, There are so many English teachers who have become civil servant(PNS) beyond of the regulation at certain places in Indonesia. Then, as SKB launches to regulate and managed the civil servant teachers, then Many English teachers are about to be moved to the secondary schools. They will have a trouble if they’re still at elementary school. Moreover, English at Elementary school will be only as an extracurricular subject in the next rising curriculum. The problem appears for non- PNS English teachers.

As an English teacher at elementary school, I really concern with this matter, it’s clear that, there will be no place for me at elementary school. I won’t have a position to teach anymore. Extracurricular is beyond the school’s hours. Many English teachers at elementary school have been in serious problems, especially for them who are non-PNS. They must look for another jobs at other schools(Secondary schools).

To anticipate, I initiate to apply to some secondary schools such as: SMP, MTs, SMA and MA or SMK even I applied to PMS(Pondok Modern Selamat Kendal). So far, The only MTs Darul Hikmah that called me for an interview and test. Finally I was accepted in this MTs. After being accepted at MTs,I then told this to the headmaster of SDN Siberuk where I had been teching. The headmaster seemed to make me difficult because he did’nt really let me to teach at MTs. Actually, My plan is that beside I teach at elementary school(SDN Siberuk), I want to teach at MTs. But the fact tell that the headmaster never let me to.

After consulting, I decided to resign from SDN Siberuk. This was because of the headmaster’s behavior. He has made me to choose an option whether I prefer SD or MTs. I felt so sorry because I had to leave and resign from SD N Siberuk, the school where I had been there teaching for more than seven years. It was hard but I had to. Life is an option to choose the best.
Right now, I teach at MTs for three days and the rest days doing nothing. I have been searching for another  job for filling my three days vacant. I hope I will be soon accepted at another school.

Good bye my students learning at elementary school. I cannot teach all of you anymore. I really love you all. The condition makes me to leave you. I just can pray, hope you can reach your dream.   
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8 komentar untuk "Life Must go on, I finally leave SD Siberuk and teach at MTs Darul Hikmah"

  1. nothing wrong with your decision sir. As government doesn't gave clear explanation, in this case English in elementary. your decision to move is acceptable. Read your story, I know taht you've done great in the elementary, however you have to leave for a reason.

    have a good time in new place sir :D

  2. i believe that u can pass this time,,,be patient and always pray to allah,,he always be there

  3. be patient, Insya Allah we'll find our way.
    keep spirit and keep trying

  4. Ok, thanks friend...Amin..semangat

  5. he did’nt really let me to teach

    after "let" you must use bare infinitive, without to

  6. Ok, No one is perfect. Thanks for correcting. That's true, Let is followed by verb without to...Thanks for coming here friend


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