Inggris anak really wants to get out of Google sandbox

One of my important blogs is Inggris anak dot com. I created it since February 2012. From zero to hero. The blog, however has improved from day to day. At first, no body knows the blog. But later as I often post my articles, the blog began to be popular in Google search engine. At that time, I didn’t know the term “SEO”. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. I think it’s an effort to make certain blog becomes popular in search engine. Gradually, I know what SEO is. And I try to apply it for my blog.

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Help me please to get out of the sandbox

What I have written, what I have posted on blog are original. I don’t copy paste from other sites.  I write it by myself. But why Google takes aside my blog. In fact, there many blogs and other sites which have copied and pasted to theirs. When I type in Google box, I find my article being published by other people. Why Google place their articles on the first page. The articles are originally from my own blogs. It is not fair. The articles I made myself were taken to the Google sandbox. But others who copy mine are free from sandbox and ironically, they are on the first rank of page in Google. What a pity of me. I don’t really need money but I just wanna be appreciated for my own writing.

To tell the truth, People really like to visit my blog. This is proved by the people who visit and read my blog then contact me on my facebook account, and skype. They would like to talk with me. What I have written to blog, is that the first goal, I would like to help Indonesian people learn English especially for kids and children. Now, I feel so sad because my blog categorized to spam, the victim of Google sandbox then there is a sudden change to it. Because most of the articles are still in Google sandbox, what I have posted are not indexed by Google. So many people don’t visit anymore to my blog and the blog has a few visitors right now.

I tell once again, the major goal of writing in a blog is for social, although I place some advertisements but those are not the main one. I write myself, I want to help others. I want to interact to other people who also learn English. I hope Google will consider this, and give me a chance to write, to post, I hope My blog will get out from the Google jail, called Sandbox. It really hurts badly. Hopefully Inggris anak will soon recover from its illness being in the sandbox. The writer really hopes to be guided of how to make the blog better and deserved to be visited and read by people through the internet.
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  1. Hi, Mas. I know what you feel right now, so bad and frustrated certainly. I've been many times to get in and out of sandbox. I just thought want to leave this blog at all, no post even without blogwalking. But, no give up without struggling at first. (ha3x)

    Keep posting in regular basis and try not to use your main keyword in your blogwalking activity. Just use your keywords in your article only. That was my experience, pals :D

  2. Thanks for your coming and giving such a valuable suggestion and your expericence really encourages me. I hope I could keep posting pals..

  3. ha3x...two musketeers from alas roban and malwopati having discussion due their case....
    ups....why no comments in English except yours.....and consist of say thanks, give another advice, plan to do next, remind lessons years gone by, etc....
    ........hax...just curiosity sense......

  4. For kang Mochtar, When I have bad mood, What I can do is just saying thanks haha... I am stuck of how to reply and elaborate in such a smooth language..

  5. ha3x....need to read Florence Littauer book....he3x

  6. ha3x...asking mbah google so easier, this consist of sanguinis, koleris, plegmatis, melankolis.....character as reflection of part of our heart

  7. Owh njeh,,kesupen kulo kang. Geh mpun mangke kulo pados mawon...

  8. Njenang gula nggih, mboten menapa.Pripun kabaripun para cantrik? Saged dipun cobi tehnik ingkang kula wedar, saestu sampun kula praktekaken, lha kadung kempalan kalih simbah2 Canadian.

    saged ugi cantrikipun mboten betah amargi benten kaliyan pelajaran, dados, sakjanipun kula tepangaken kalih mindset ugi frame of thinking, bilih sampun magertosi piyambak langkung sekeca sawatawisipun......trust me it work.......kados sponsoripun L-men.

    menapa taksih purun artikel malih......idep-idep hiburan sinau nulis (blaik tenan!!!!ha3xxx)

  9. Wong luar Jowo jebule pinter Boso Jowo yo.. Ora nyongko iki. Opo kang Mochtar nate urip neng Jowo nopo.. Mature ko penak temen kuwi kang...Aku malah sing wong Jowo rak iso kaiki kang.. pinter temen sampeyan..

    Okay, I'll get the Florence Literature Book.. If I cant, maybe You could give the file in PDF by means of E-mail.

    Your articles are always welcomed here... Monggo menawi badhe urun uneg-uneg lan tulisan, kulo siap nampi kanthi remen, ngapunten kulo mboten saget maringi nopo-nopo kangge imbalan.. :)


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