Setiap Individu memiliki cara unik tersendiri dalam mempelajari suatu hal. Salah satunya adalah belajar Bahasa Inggris. Kita dapat menggunakan metode kita sendiri-sendiri, kira-kira model yang seperti apa yang dapat dengan mudah dan yang jelas menarik bagi kita. Saya sangat beruntung sekali memiliki teman online seperti Kang Mochtar. Beliau bisa dikatakan menjadi partner saya dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris meskipun kami hanya berkomunikasi di dunia maya saja.

Kang Mochtar sekali lagi ingin berbagi pengalaman kepada kita para pembelajar Bahasa Inggris. Cara-cara yang sangat unik sekali menurut saya. Kali ini beliau ingin berbagi betapa musik itu memiliki manfaat yang luar biasa untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Bahasa Inggris kita. Ya musik merupakan sesuatu yang menghibur dan memberi kesenangan tersendiri bagi yang mendengarnya, dan ternyata di balik keindahannya untuk didengar, musik menjadi media yang cukup efektif untuk memberi skill kemampuan bahasa kita. Berikut ini merupakan artikel beliau yang susun dalam Bahasa Inggris. Bagi anda yang kesulitan untuk memahaminya anda dapat meminta bantuan Google Translate. Silahkan anda dapat menerjemahkannya ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Kalau saya sendiri lebih enjoy membaca teks aslinya sekalian kita membiasakan membaca dan menangkanp suatu pesan atau tulisan dalam Bahasa Inggris.
Music can improve our English
Music can be a good media for learning English

After sending the first article for being posted in Inggris anak blog, ups... wanna share again due my personal technique in finding a good model for learning English. It could be not suitable for someone but may be really needed by another. Who knows.......  

Learning english will be interesting if we know the way and trick. What’s  that? Wanna know? Here the tips as we have done by myself.  So so easy.......really.

The main point is that I really get benefit from it. It’s the point of quantum learning.  Its really simple, coz too simple....till denied by my friend. Ha3x. In this case, we will try to improve our sense and feeling due some songs. Yes, by music.  By listening song, no matter what kind of song, genre or music that needed to be heard. The song could be in English or another language. No need to burden ourself for getting known the meaning, coz that’s not the point that we looking for. Just enjoy the music, get the sense, lift oup our soul and so on, even instrument only.

 As my own tips & tricks, we’re happily to hear any kind of music with many languages. We just seizing by my ears, pulse and feeling creeps. Yeah...we do that even never know the meaning, exactly. Nothing to loose! But, finally  I could expose my expression in using English with phrase that I know from part of song. It’s cool....

 Yeah, here the stuff that we need it : headset.  Then, open up internet youtube and add with google search and google translate.

The steps,  choose the song we want to know, for instance from group MLTR.  It’s abreviation of Michael Learn To Rock, yes.... we choose this as we want to learn English. Ups, what’s the title? Just type Michael Learn To Rock ......yeah we choose......

By listening the song, we could try to imitate the singer. If there’s no lyric, we could search in google. But, if we do not know the meaning, we could open up google translate. Or, another tips, we copy paste in ms word then make translation wether needed.

But, if there’s no lyrics, let the rythm goes inside our heart by our ears, music so... so... universal languages. Feel it with your heart not your brain. No need to think it off. Feel the passion as we could. Let it flow...as you can follow....
As note, different culture different parameter, thus wish not get in trap easily  to judge something......as it not same with our own.

The benefit of learning with this way, we would know how to pronounce the word. Closely to be native, even still mixed with our dialect. Ha3x We will be better in speaking in phrase words  than read each per word. Besides that, sense of song, give imagination more than we know it before.

We love music such as Anggun (Amore immaginato), Yanni (love is all), Dave Koz (you make me smile, see in java jazz), Jim Brickman (Gift), Deep Forest(Sweet Lullaby), Kenny G, Vanesa Mae, Delerium and others with different languages but ones – give imagination and let the music playin in our head.  Just enjoying it!! Music gives soul to us.

Semoga artikelnya bermanfaat bagi pembaca. Thanks for reading.
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