My first experience in Jakarta

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It’s been long time I have a dream to visit Jakarta. Then, I really went there with my family. We went there on Saturday, December 10, 2012. Firstly, we rode our motorcycles from home then they were parked in our family’s house at Wiradesa Pekalongan. At half past seven  in the evening, we then boarded on PO Dewi Sri Bus. We’re a little disappointed because we’re late to take comfortable bus. There were no bus anymore. All the bus had been full. We got non AC bus. It was very hot inside but it’s ok as the bus began to move.
Mustofa Siberuk
A vacation at Monas Jakarta

It took around  eight hours to arrive at Jakarta by bus.  The bus stopped several times during the journey. Firsly it stopped at Tegal, then Cirebon and somewhere I can not mention because it was at night and I could not read the name of the site. The passanger could take a rest, eat, drink, pray at Mosque and others when the bus stopped. Alhamdulillah we really arrived at Pulo Gadung Jakarta, a bus stop at about 5.00 a.m on Sunday. My brother in law and my sister picked me up at the bus terminal then we had to go to my brother and sister’s boarding house at Pondok Kopi Jakarta.

My mom, my niece, my nephew, and my younger sister stayed in the boarding house. Jakarta is vey hot. We were not comfortable here because it is not hot in Batang where we live in. It was different here at Jakarta and we had to adapt to the new environment, different temperature. Almost everyday we just stayed at home, nothing we could do except watched TV, ate and slept. Sometime, we were out to buy something around. From Sunday throughTuesday was a boring day at the boarding house.

Thursday was the reward day after 3 days doing nothing just staying inside the hot room at the boarding house. On this day, at half past two in the afternoon we were going straight to Monas (National Monument). Firstly, we walked for about 500 meters to get to the bus number 47. After finding the bus, we were already to move to Pasar Senen Jakarta. Jakarta is a crowded city and there are many vehicles here, to anticipate the traffic jam, the DKI Jakarta Government makes Highways, Bus way paths and others. After arriving at Senen, we took a Bajai  directly went to Monas. We’re four on the Bajai. The Bajai cost us twenty thousand rupiahs.

We really arrived at The National Monument of Indonesia(Monas) at about 4.00 p.m. it was un believable we could visit one of the popular places in Indonesia, a National icon of Indonesia. The building is very high. We’re also amazed of the high buildings in Jakarta. There are so many Skyscrapers. There were many visitors here, both domestic or foreign tourists. We walked around Monas and the surroundings. Some time, I took photograph of my family and myself and the place around it. It was the happiest day for my nephew, Adnan a eighteen moths child, he was really enthusiastic, he walked and move from one to another, I saw at his face, full of happiness. I took some pictures of him which were funny. I like them best. We were here for hours seeing and enjoying the place. When we were hungry and thirsty we bought some food and drink. We didn’t know, the time showed at eight in the evening. It was time for us to leave and say goodbye to Monas. Monas is an interesting place and moment for me and my family.We went back to Pondok Kopi from Monas at about half pas eight p.m. we took Bajai and The bus number 47 where this bus could lead us directly to our boarding house on Pondok Kopi. What a tiring vacation it was, we took a rest after arriving.

On Thursday morning, Argo, Fifin, and the father of my brother in law came to visit. We stayed with them for a day because my family and I were about to go home in the afternoon. At 4.00 p.m. we went home, as usual, we took bus number 47 then we stopped at Pasar Rawasari to take another vehicle to accompany us to Jalan Percetakan Negara where we could take a bus, Dedi Jaya Bus which diretly took us to Pekalongan, our home. It was time for us to say goodbye to my brother in law, my sister, Argo, Fifin and My brother in law’s father. We then boarded on the bus. At around 7.00 p.m. the bus left Jakarta to Brebes, Tegal, Pemalang and the last Pekalongan. We got home at Wiradesa and got off from the bus at 5.00 a.m. After taking a rest at the House in Wiradesa, my mother and my niece went to Siberuk, Tulis Batang our home by motorcycle, while my younger sister stayed at Wiradesa in his husband’s house. Alhamdulillah finally we could be home at about six a.m. 

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  1. Waaa...
    Pondok Kopi?
    I was there about 2 months ago.
    Arrived Jatinegara station, followed by KRL to Klender Baru. And I live near there, my friend home-Pondok Kopi ... :)

  2. So, We're on the same place in Jakarta.Hope I can visit again there sometime...

  3. Thanks for visiting mine. A nice article, too

  4. A long and wonderful journey... I went to JKT in July was fantastic. I prayed Subuh in Istiqlal..It's one of my dreams. I am from Jambi. If you wanna go to my town... just contact me. This my blog walking...I miss your blog hehehehe. This blog has a big many advertisement in good job..

  5. Really, so you have ever visited Jakarta, too. it's far from Jambi. InsyaAllah I hope I can visit Jambi, too. Thanks friend for coming again. I hope my blog and your blog will getting better in the future...


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