How can The Indonesian Government push aside The English teacher at Elementary School?

KBK and KTSP curricullum has given a chance to each region in Indonesia, to each elementary school to choose a local content or subject to teach. One of the major subject recommended by the government is English. The government has encouraged all elementary schools in Indonesia to choose and introduce English to the elementary students. Because in today’s life, in the globalization era people are demanded to master English. So, teaching English, Introducing English at the earlier time will be a good option.

Based on the suggestion from the government, then, many elementary schools in Indonesia has been introducing English as a local content. The government has given a model of curricullum that can be used to teach English. Each school is asked to develop it by itself. Later, the school has given a chance for English graduates to teach English. So many English teachers then  teach at elemetary schools. Until now, there are so many English teachers who have been teaching. They have dedicated their time to teach English although they are paid very little. Usually, English teacher are paid one hundred thousand to two hundred thousand. For almost 5 to 10 years passed, still continue until now.

But the government will completely change the curriculum that will be implemented in the year 2013/2014. The curriculum will cut from 11 subjects into 7 ones. The curriculum itself will completely removed the local contents/subjects. Of course, there won’t be an English curriculum anymore because English is one of the local content. English will not be taught anymore. This means that The government has pushed the English teachers aside. The English teacher has no place to teach anymore.

To tell the truth, how many English teachers who have been devoting themselves teaching at elementary schools?. Some of them has been teaching since the year 2003 until now. Some of them have been categorized into K2(Kategori 2) to be raised as civil servant(PNS). Their devotion, their struggle, their merit has no tracks. Shortly, The government is really unfair.
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