My new family

Hello guys, long time to post, This is the first time I sign in to my old blog after several months, and it can be years without posting newest articles. I have no idea of what to post right now, but I think I must introduce you to my new family.

Well, Now I have been married to a beautiful girl named Cyril two years ago, and  God has given us a very cute giant son called Shidqi, the complete name is Muhammad Fayyadh Shidqi Faisal.

I have already moved to the new home, Now I live in Wonosegoro Village, located in Bandar Batang Central Java. Everyday I teach both in formal and informal school. My wife teaches in kindergarten. She loves children, kids so she decides to dedicate her life teaching them.

Maybe this is just an introduction for the new posting in this pretty year, I will enclose my family here, Let's have a look in the following will appear our nice picture, I mean my happy family.
Wonosegoro Bandar Batang
Almusto's family

Thanks for reading, and bye
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