The new fresh appearance of Inggris Anak: Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia

Inggris anak or Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia has a new appearance. The first template has been changed with the new one. It seems a little smoothly loading than the previous. The adverts, however, have been cut and minimized for fast loading. The first template was the first time when the writer knew about blogging. he has completely modified it so it looked unique and no template has the same design like it. But  Some visitors thought the template was good and others thought it had a bad appearance. They valued that it had a bad color combination. The worst comments from the visitors are that, the blog loaded so hard that they felt so annoyed and impatient. These reasons made them leave the blog.

As the writer browsed in the internet, he found some templates that were good and finally he used one of those templates. He used Mas Sugeng template which is popular for its appearance and lightness. It really loads fast. Initially, Mas Sugeng template is free but as there are many people being interested with it so the creator demand the users to pay for it. As the writer read it, it costs 5 dollars or 50000 rupiahs. Fastest magz blogger template, that’s the template’s name which is being promoted. The template before it, is still free for bloggers.

Take a look at the following old inggris anak and new Inggris anak.

Templat Bahasa Inggris anak yang lama
Old Inggris anak.com

Template baru Bahasa Inggris anak Indonesia
New Inggris anak.com
The writer hopes that the new Inggris anak will make all visitors feel commfortable and of course the main goal is to make the web runs fast and smooth so they can open it without waiting too long. the writer believes that the fast loading can make the visitors comfortable. He later hopes that this can answer  some visitors who valued that the blog has a bad color combination. This is a simple and fast webblog. Finally the writer would like to thank for being the loyal visitors here at Inggris anak, Bahasa Inggris anak Indonesia, one of blog discussing on English learning for kids and children. 
                        Welcome to the new appearance here!!!

And the owner once again changes his blog template. This is the newest one. it's faster, responsive and of course SEO friendly.  
Blog SEO friendly in Inggris anak
The newest Inggris anak blog template

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  1. Congratulate for new performance. Hopefully many visitors get involved due interesting topics offered. he3x... Could I join in it? I mean, I try to write an article then send to your mail.

    I love to share the tricks and tips of learning English as we had done before, but it's really different with yours as I have no background in this literature.

    What do you think? Let me have your mail, as right now we have tutored a kid with my technique. And the lovely thing that we never bring a book, as we reduce the feeling like a lesson in a school. ha3x....

    Right here waiting......

  2. Thanks kang Mochtar. It sounds great to have a friend like you. It would be really an interesting one if you could help me to develop this blog by sharing your article here at Inggris anak. Here is my email: kangmus84@gmail.com

  3. hokidoki.....
    let me find my articles, but so so sorry coz in English and you could translate it if needed

  4. Ok, I'll be waiting. It's all right

  5. hi pals, we have sent it. new article, coz we can't find my file. this consist tips and trick in learning....all my way

  6. Now, I have your aticle.. Let me read it and arrange it so I could publish it to my posting.. It is the nice one..Thanks


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