My amazing Experience in the Fasting month (Ramadhan)

The fasting month has already come. The month where Muslim people wait for one year. In this month all Muslims in all over the word, from the east to the west and from the south to the north, they all do Allah’s command to have fasting in Ramadhan. The fasting lasts for one month. Literally defined, fasting means to abstain "completely" from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset, during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year (http://www.eden.rutgers.edu/~muslims/fasting.htm). The purpose of the fastingitself is to empower the doer or Muslims people. It means that they can achieve the predicate of “Muttaqin”, one who does the Allah’s commands and avoid what Allah has forbidden. Ramadhan or the fasting month has a special moment, the time when the Holy Quran descended. Muslims recite Quran more than usual month. By reciting it, it means that they respect it and hope for the mercy of Allah, hope for the huge reward from Allah.
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The mosque in Siberuk

Siberuk Village Desa Siberuk
Ahlan Wasahlan di Desa tercinta Siberuk

Siberuk Village
My beautiful Village

On this Ocassion the writer will share his experience during this holy month, Ramadhan. As the writer is a Muslim, he has compulsory to have a fasting on Ramadhan month. Well, the writer thinks that Ramadhan is always a special month to have in this life. This month gives us, the Muslims a chance to improve ourselves to be a good, or maybe an excellent people who try to do good deeds, to take away the bad ones. We hope that after doing our fasting we then become a holy person, like we were born by our mother. Of course our quality of Akhlak is increasing. We have better akhlak than the previous time. The indicator of the success of our fasting is that our Akhlak becomes better. We hope so, Amin.
For other people doing fasting for one month is something impossible, they can’t imagine that it’s impossible for not eating and drinking for the whole day. It is a matter of habit. The hardest part is the beginning, where we must adapt to the new atmosphere, we move from the safe zone to the different zone. We believe that as a Muslim we can do it, we can get accustomed to having fasting. It will smoothly run afterwards.
Fasting for the writer, has been his habit since he was child. So, he feels Okay and he really enjoys the fasting itself. the writer lives in the village where all of the residents are Muslims. The village itself has an religious atmosphere from time to time so this place is good for developing Islam and for the children living here to be good and religious people for the future. On Ramadhan Month, the people here are really happy to welcome and do their obligation to have fasting.
Sahur, is a preparation meal before dawn, before we have a fasting so we can be strong to have it for the whole day until sunset. When Sahur comes, some children do Tomprek. It means to wake up the people around by saying “sahur, sahur” and by making a sound using a tool, something like a bamboo. The bamboo itself is beaten then results in a regular sound. They feel happy to do that. This is done regularly when sahur comes. What an exciting activity it is.
It feels so hot when day time comes, during the fasting, although we work, we teach, study at school, etc, we can keep our fasting until Maghrib comes. All Muslims feel happy when iftar, the time to have a meal after one day fasting. In my place, there are many people selling foods and drinks for people who have fasting. Ramadhan is really a barokah month, you can see that the sellers get amazing profit. Almost all the sellers’ foods sold out. Many kinds of bread, cakes, rice, drinks like Kolak, milk, wedang ronde, and so on are provided. Wow, they are all nice to be served for our meal in fasting. What a happy time it is when we have our meal to end the fasting in the evening. We don’t eat much because we must pray for Teraweh praying after Isya’. After Isya we can continue our meal.
Trawih praying is a unique one when we have fasting. Trawih is a Sunnah praying. This is done during the fasting month. It is done at evening after Isya praying. In my village, Traweh praying is done for 20 rakaat and Witir praying for 3 rakaat so the total are 23 rakaat to do this teraweh praying. We feel tired of doing this praying but it’s Okay, it’s been our obligation. It can be a media for our physical activity to make our body healthy. Praying, however can help our body stay healthy. All of the movements of praying really make it. Besides terawih, another important activity during Ramadhan is the recitation of the Holy Quran. We call it with “Tadarusan” this tradition colors Ramadhan as the Holy Quran verses descended on this Holy month. In my village, Siberuk Village, the young and old people do tadarus Quran at Mosque. People around the village provide the people who recite Holy Quran with many kinds of foods and drink for them. After reading and reciting Holy Quran, they can taste and eat the offering, food and drinks provided. What a nice atmosphere it is!

The fasting month will be ended by the Eid Feast, Idul Fitri. The great day for Muslim after doing the fasting in Ramadhan for one month. Before the day, The rich gives the poor. How beautiful religion! We suggest and encourage to give ours to others. This has been taught and command by Allah on the Holy Quran. This activity is called Zakat Fitrah. Islam not only does this activity in Ramadhan but also in the usual month as well. It’s been our religion commands. All Muslim can feel happy during this very special day, Idul Fitri Holiday. At the night of Idul Fitri we dot Takbiran. Takbiran means to say the Allah’s name, Allahuakbar 3x Laa ilaa haillallahullallahu akbar, Allahuakbar Walillahil hamd. The tradition in my village is, doing Moving takbiran by using a pickup car in the surrounding of our village throughout the night with enthusiastic and good spirit of Idul Fitri. When morning comes after the night of Takbiran we do Idul Fitri Praying together in Al-Ikhlas Mosque followed by forgiving each other from door to door. What an interesting experience I have in my village during the fasting month and the Idul Fitri greatest day.
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  1. Tomprek...ha3x... Can't believe it that you pressed the topic due fasting month in one article, only. It's such a task!!! Due ramadhan, all my mem'ry goes back when still a kid that we loved to use teklek, thus it sound tek..tek..tek. Besides that we used to look for fallen mangoes after finished activity in mosque. Who know's I'm the lucky ones.

    Due the pics, ups.....truly ndeso tenan, but I love it as right now hard enough to find it in my place. The nice one is paddy field, any buffalo there? I could smell the atmosphere of wet leaves after raining, land and after all sense of family kinship. Remind me, Desa Kalipoh, Pantai Ayah Kebumen when I could speak ngapak-ngapak karo batire nang kana.

    Greets for u family......

  2. Haha, we have different term between tomprek and teklek,however they are same. it uses a bamboo, doesn't it?

    yeah, here in my village is 'mewah' alias mepet sawah, and 'melas' or mepet alas. Yes, There are many buffaloes here. The farmers still use this animal to plough the ricefield. Most of the people here are farmers.. I love this vilaage it's beautiful because of the green atmosphere.. maybe you can visit here sometime heheh...

  3. ha3x....you're the second blogger who misunderstood due teklek....hua ha3x....OMG!!!!

    Let me explain it. It made from wood and rubber, used like slipper and for wudhu. Wish it could imagined! Have you heard "gamparan"? It's really hard to use it, coz we have to clip with our toe.


  4. I really dont know it hehe.. ups sorry. Ok now I get a little understanding about it..


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