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In my posting now, I will share about my poor recording about greeting and parting. This recording I use for teaching the listening aspect for my students. The recording I got from Google translate. The google translate has a facility to listen to the sound we write. I have an idea to record it. Alhamdulillah I can recorded it and I can apply it for teaching. Here is the simple script of listening that a teacher can use:

My name is Anita. Just call me Nita. I am an elementary student. I go to school early in the morning. Before going to school, I say good bye to my parents. They reply good bye to me. When I meet my friend on the way going to school, I say good morning to him. and he replies good morning too.

We can test the students' ability in listening  by means of this recording from google sound. After play this recording the teacher can ask the student relating to the sound they hear. The teacher can make some of questions both   oral and written test.

If you have an interest to download this recording file please click the following download link:

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