Download Cerita Bahasa Inggris Anak : "The Greatest Treasure"

Story telling is one of the interesting method in teaching English for children. I really thank to BookBox who shares free PDF files containing English story for Indonesian students to learn English. Because of you now I can help my students learn English with various methods and various medias. This story telling is very useful for the students and hereby I Can develop the students’ ability in English listening and other skills. This posting is not only for my students learning English but also other students in all schools across the country.

On this ocassion, I would like to share a story tittled “The greatest Treasure”. This file, this reading and listening material I got from, thanks once again to BookBox having shared the files to be used by people who are learning English. Beside we can learn the script in PDF File, we can also learn through the video streaming on You Tube.

Story Telling
Screen shot of The Greatest Treasure Story from

Anybody would like to download this file to be printed, can download in the following download link:

Or You can watch the Video here from You Tube :

If you have IDM you can directly download the You Tube Video file and you can enjoy watching the story of The Greatest Treasure.

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