Blogging and a mission to help Indonesian children get a good education in English

What do you think about blogging? Is blogging usable for you? For me, having blog is an important thing. It’s my soul. My name is Mustofa.  I started making a blog on January 2012.  At first I really didn’t know what blog was?A blog in my mind was something that was difficult. Because I couldn’t make such a  good blog . I also didn’t know about HTML, CSS language programming. One who wants to make such a good blog in appearace must know about those language programmings. By having knowledge about it one can edit and make his or her blog interesting.

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English must be taught at the earlier time in Indonesia. This picture is taken from

At that time, I tried and tried to learn about making a good blog. I searched many articles relating to making a good blog. By tiping in google. It’s easy for me to find a good article to read. Then I registered and made a blog on Because I already had a Gmail account, I could directly made a blog on bloggspot. Wow, I surprised when I had finished making a blog. Icould’t believe it.  It’s an easy thing to make a blog. The blog was still vacant. And it looked not interesting. So, I began to write an article. I tried to post my fisrt posting about my personal identity in my blog. The blog then had a content although It was about myself. It’s ok.

Day after day I learned and learned about making an interesting blog. I thank to google to help me make a nice blog. I then could add some accessories on my blog. I could make a guest book, clock from Hitarek and calendar too, I could change the header on my blog, and I knew about the visitors visiting my blog because I signed up at then I can set it on my blog. I started to know about editing my blog appearance. I totally changed my blog by editing the HTML and CSS codes. I think nobody has the same blog like mine. My blog is unique. I really like it very much.

After I learned about editing the HTML and CSS codes, then my focus is on posting such a good posting. Truly, I had no idea what article should I post. My mind was blank. Fortunately, I had an Idea to post about posting English for children. I feel  English in Indonesia is very very poor. As I am an English teacher at Elementary school and I know what condition of English education at my country. Then I feel I must make a change to my country. English is not responded positively by our government. Indonesia has no a good and clear curriculum about English at elementary school and The education is done as it is.  There’s a few qualified teachers who teach at Elementary school. English at elementary school is taught by some unqualified teachers. The Indonesian government still do not think about this. In fact, so many elementary school in Indonesia have taught English. This is the reason of my dedication to help Indonesian children have their right to get a good teaching in English. I really would like to share about my experiences about English teaching at Elementary school. My blog is dedicated to help English teachers at elementary school.

There are many things I can get from blogging. By blogging I can develop my ability in writing. I can share my experience to other people. Many people can read my article. Of course I can help people think. Blog has changed my life. I’m very happy to have a blog. By having the blog I can get connected to many people in all over the world. I also can improve my English skills. Sometimes I post Indonesian article and sometimes I also post an English one. I have something to keep, something to develop, something to write on. My knowledge, my experience, always develops from day to day. I can feel the progression.The things that make me enthusiastic and have a spirit to write is that, I can change and help English Education for Indonesian better in the future. I hope the Indonesian government started to think about Mastering English from earlier time, English Education at elementary school should be handled properly. English at elementary school must be taught by the qualified teachers. And of course the teachers are paid properly too. To know the truth, English teachers at Elementary school are paid Rp. 100.000 to Rp. 200.000 a month  or about ten dollars a month. What an un proper wage it is. At last I pray that there will be a change especially in the English education at elementary school  in Indonesia in the future. English should be mastered and spoken by Indonesian people. So, Indonesia can compete with other nations in all over the world.
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