Mrs. Nur Aidah's Interview on Mustofa's hobby.

Mustofa is very fond of blogging. he is a good blogger. At first, he didn’t know what a blog was. As he was always in front of his laptop connected with internet, he was then introduced to a blog world.  Now, he has many blogs top post. Beginning from his first blog named Siberuk.com followed by Inggris anak.com, ISM Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs and also he becomes the admin of MTs Darul Hikmah’s blog and SMK Bintara’s.

Mustofa's review by Mrs. Laily Nuraidah
New blog, English for SMP and MTs

As he is an English teacher, so, most of his blogs discuss about English. One of his famous blogs is Inggris anak.com. it had many visitors in the past time. The blog reached 1.500 visitors a day. It was visited by people throughout Indonesia and some from foreign countries. Because of this, he put advertisements and he got money from blogging. unfortunately, he then didn’t teach English at Elementary school anymore. In fact, the blog discuss about English for kids and children especially for kindergarten and Primary schools. He retired because of the new policy from the government if English is not suggested to be taught in elementary school. Students need to emphasize on Calistung(Membaca, menulis,berhitung). English, however, is better to be introduced starting from junior high school. Now, He’s been teaching at MTs Darul Hikmah Subah and SMK Bintara Batang. He seldom, even never  posts on Inggris anak.com so the blog is getting bad with very few visitors coming.

In spite of the problem above, he never stops blogging. Now, he creates new blogs to support his English teaching and schools. He is still active in writing and posting on MTs Darul Hikmah’ site and SMK Bintara’s. He initiates to make a good blog like Inggris anak.com. ISM Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs is his next goal to be successful. He thinks that the blog will develop ang becomes popular in the future. Blogging for him, is a soul of life for he can develop his ability and skill to write, to share his experiences with people in the world. What a holy goal of life it is. I pray for him to be a successful English teacher and of course blogger. Amen.
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