Oh Google please return my blog

Google has made my blog Inggris anak frustrated. I know because of my over optimization on SEO finally leads the blog poor. This is the poorest blog I have ever had. The visitors reached 1.500 in the past but now it really has very few visitors. Inggris anak now only has 100 visitors a day at average. It is getting worse than before.

Inggris anak becomes very poor as this new algorithm
Google Dinosaur algorithm makes may blog undetected

The members and the fans page also decrease. When the blog was in crowded, it may obtain some “likes” from the new visitors every day. So may the blogger followers. The fans page has very few additional new likes on each visit. And so far there is no additional new member following the site. What a poor blog then it becomes. There are no talks, no communication or the interaction between the writer and the fans as well as the followers.

Oh Google you are really cruel with me why you takes aside my blog. To tell the truth, I really want to write and post articles and others that would be useful for the readers. I cannot talk again with them all the visitors of mine. They said that they really need my blog and the articles I have posted. Your new policies on the algorithm  of Google Panda, Penguin and Dinosaur have sunk my blog. My blog becomes like a very unimportant one. You have killed me off from the internet. I envy why so many blogs have copied my articles but you make them succeed, I mean they are on your first page, but mine aren’t. You have took most of my articles on your jail called “Sandbox”. Is it fair?

With a great hope and respect to you, Google, the most popular  search engine I have never had, to return my blog as it was in the previous time. 

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