Facebook can be an efective media to improve our English skill

Facebook can be a media to improve our English. There are many facilities that can be used such as chatting, status update-comment, video call and so on. By means of this we can share many things to other people both the local people and the foreign ones as well.

Facebook is sugested for English learners
Facebook is good for improving English

Facebook has been part of our online activities. This can not be separated from our lives. People sometime use facebook to kill their times than doing nothing. This activity can cheer up the boring situation. People use both of their computer, laptop, and mobile phone as well. The practical one is by using mobile phones, because we can bring it anytime and anywhere, while we are away outdoor.

Back to English, Facebook becomes the most popular social networking both for young teenagers and adult people. The teenagers, however, use more than the adult. For the English learners who have been learning or improving English skill. This social networking can be such an effective means of improving and sharpening English capability.

To develop our English, for example, we can join certain Group, like English teachers Group, Share English for Everything Okay(SEFEO), English pages such as Englishindo, Englishigh, Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia, Inggristopsite, and many other groups and English pages spread. We can update our status, and many people in the groups will comment then we can also reply the comments. Or maybe we can comment other status. This can encourage our English. The more we practice the better can we get then.

Another interesting one, is, we can have a chat both by means of Chatting and Video call as well. Those can be such an enjoying activity, we can chat in English with the native speaker friends we have from other countries. This can be a media for sharpening our speaking skills. It seems hard at the beginning but as times goes by, it becomes a habit and we can talk smoothly afterwards. Take aside the grammatical features when we have a chat, the important thing is that, we can try to speak up,, no matter the words and sentences are grammatically wrong, but the people we ask to talk with, understand our intention.

Finally, the writer would like to encourage the English learners to use  Facebook as one of the best media for improving English skills. Hopefully, this brief article can help all of the visitors of Inggris Anak.com. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. that is very nice to read your articles, guys

  2. Thanks for becoming the fastest and the first person who comments this newest and fresh article... ur welcome friend...

  3. Back to laptop!!!ha3x It's so so interesting and useable article. This is it, what I mean! You use different approach or point of view through social networking, as a tool for enriching our capability in English, specially writing.

    Hi pals, by reading your article we could get the digest of topic, the message inside, thus this language truly become a lingua franca or as tool of communication. Not a lesson only.

    Ups, have you suggest your pupil to read this article as if their own and like to speak (note only read). It's also my technique for increasing ability in speaking. We've love to do it and push my sharing partner do the same. Even many times to read it. Why? Coz, we introduce the sense in speaking as if we're native speaker (ha3x).

    Lastly, ups so so sorry that I have no FB but used another, such as youtube, linkedin, blog. We gotta love with accent of Jokowi-Ahok though truly different but their guest so so nice to be learned. ha3x just making curious only.......

    salam nggih kagem sakaluarga, terutama precile...

  4. Thanks for giving me such a good advice so I can write and post another writing not only lesson at school. This can help me improve my English skill in writing.

    I plan to suggest this article and others materials to my students when I teach ICT subject. I also teach Computer beside English, so when we're online together with my students I can introduce my writing and my blog of course to them.

    It seems you often mention Ahok Jokowi.. You must be so so interested with them.. Iam curious too, let me drive there trying to,,, heheh

  5. Pak eko.... pak eko, paket ekonomis. Hemat! Uups that's right, mixed the language and the lesson could be done, then. Use mind mapping tricks, which is introduced by Tony Buzan. Actually, changing our mindset first is the hardest. Coz, we would make a deal with our pride. he3x.. After this phase pass it out, you would be a creative in learning or teaching process. Sometimes, It's hard enough to change our habit, even for good thing, isn't it?

    Ha3x...I'm addicted to his blog. Why? I keep on learning javanese culture through Jokowi, but having sample real.... real conversation of Ambassadors, United Nation delegation, French delegation and others. Seeing expression and soul of Ahok while speak up with the guest could be a good sample for real and fact conversation. (though need much vocab for getting known the topics....he3x) We download the clip specially guest from abroad and then introduced to my sharing partner just a sample only of conversation. Coz, we don't need to push him much(still kid actually) as we've done to myself, as our consequence working with expatriates. ha3x...

    Lastly, what about TOEFL test, wish gotta succeed doing it. Nuwun sewu, radi kathah aksaranipun kersane nggih saged lancar kaprigelan nulis......trembelane...

  6. I like the way you write your comments. You try to express what was going on in your mind. It seems you write so so smootly without too much thinking.. You must be good at writing, because it's been your habit to comment some blogs and others.

    You're right pals, It's so hard to change from Quo status, where it's been enjoable then we must leave it for the new one.

    Enjoy learning with Jokowi, pals.. You're so so curious and enthusiastic when talking about him and Ahok,too, you're like a young teenager who has a very very good spirit to learn anything, including javanese culture and its language.. You are not javanese but you can speak and understand javanese..

    On Monday before The fasting month, Mrs Arny and I will soon register for the TOEFL, for she was very busy looked after her 3 sons, she's a single parents. Pray for us to pass the TOEFL in Semarang... Hopefully, We can get a good score..

  7. Hope more than 550 point, pals. I haven't achieved it but happily using this language as my own, besides the expats never being asked me what's my score, except asking tasks only.

  8. Amin.. Thanks pals. I'll try. Really? so you have already taken TOEFL test. Enjoy pals.... we can express it with our own ways. Happy learning and practising English with me..

  9. I agree with you. Facebook, however can improve our English skills..


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