A shout from the Writer of Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia

My name is Mustofa. I am an English teacher at SDN Siberuk Tulis, Batang regency, Central Java. I have been teaching at the school since 2005 until now, 2012. I’ve been here for about 7 years. It’s been very long time and I have to leave this school as the new curriculum in the year 2013/2014 will be soon implemented. It's really hard for me. The government really has made me upset, made me confused and nothing that I can do except I must look for another job. English will not be taught at Elementary school anymore. It is going to be deleted.

Right now, I have a little interest to write, to post articles for my blog. I seldom posting. I have been trying to send my application letter for new jobs at secondary school. I must teach at Junior or senior high school or in the university or college. I must get new school or other jobs before the new curriculum is really implemented.

But don’t worry the blog that I have been building since february 2012, Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia will always survive and I will keep it. As the writer still get a serious problem, I will focus on another and will be coming back soon to write, to post as many intereresting articles as possible. The writer really loves English and I will always write and write article and tips  for English learners.

I hope I can be accepted at a new school then I can develop and explore my English there, later I can write again for my loved blog, Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia. Thanks for reading. I hope you don’t leave this blog. Keep reading ok ok ok...

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  1. Uups, just realized that you live there pals. Coz we ever stayed in Ds.Kalipoh, Kec.Ayah, Kab.Kebumen years ago but still remind our memories there. I had been fallen 3 times by cycle with my friend due our journey from shore of Ayah beach to my camp. Ever walked alone in the night too. Going to Jatijajar and Petruk cave really enjoyed coz no need to pay as we lived closed around besides had no money at that time. ha3x Memory likes nano-nano candy.

    Due English for elementary school seem you have written too in englishindo.com. By the way, so many thanks coz I could learn in your blog as rightnow we sharing with kids who wants to increase their ability in speaking. I have no background in English literature but working with expatriates thus have chances in using for communication.

    Greets from Banua. Its mean Borneo.

  2. Thanks Pak Mochtar, I often meet your comment on Englishindo. and I think you have much interest in English..although I'm a little confused about your English comment. Salam kenal pak mari berbagi untuk kemajuan anak-anak bangsa terutama dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

  3. Sorry for confusing, but curios impact finally. I do realize have bad grammar, but we could communicate with expatriates. We just imitate that our neighbor could speak English and Tagalog mixed, and so on with French/English - they feel free to speak up.

  4. It's Ok Kang Mochtar, I like your style of speaking, I mean your comment was different with other visitors. You are one of my friends, to talk with.. I do thanks


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