MTs Walisongo must be ready for the English competition

To prepare for the annual English competition, MTs Walisongo Tulis plans to hold the extracurricular activity handled by the English teachers. The teachers need to train the students in three major kinds of competition such as: English speech, Storytelling, and singing contest. Those three activities colored the English-Extracurricular. These all will be realized in the next term 2014/2014.

To select the talented ones, the teachers will seek, observe and of course hold such students demonstration in each kind of competition. The extracurricular activity could be the media for choosing the deserved students for representing the school for the English competition. There will be around six students chosen. They then will be guided, trained and motivated to develop their skills in preparing for the competition mentioned.

MTs Walisongon Beji Tulis Batang
By all the weaknesses, the school, however will try to develop itself and promote that MTs WS has potential students and is deserved to be the place for studying. The success of the competition in my view, depends on some factors, they are: The students, the teachers and the school’s support, parents, and the facilities. The students become the main factor that will determine the success. The input will give success. When the inputs are good then the teachers will manipulate them in such a way to achieve the goal. The commitment of the teacher also important. They, however will give their dedication to sharpen the students to be ready for the competition. The school’s and parents supports also cannot be neglected, they all can motivate and supports the chosen students. And the last will be the facility given will make the process run smoothly.

In the end, we hope that MTs Walisongo Tulis can compete with other schools in spite of the less and weak inputs. We believe that the achievements can be reached by any schools without exception the well known ones. Each school has the same right to achieve it. The champion, the winner or the so-called the best school. It’s time to break and conquer it.
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