Thursday is the busiest day

Sorry for not posting articles about English for children. Beside I post contents for English learning, I also post anything about me, myself. I would like to share to the readers of Inggris Anak dot com, Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia, some experiences of the writer, here we talk about certain experience, hope that the readers can reflect and take any important message from it and learn English through English texts. On this occasion, I will share my experience. it's about my busy days teaching English. I present the article in English so the reader can enrich and develop their English by means of English passage directly made by the author.

My experience teaching all day non-stop
My experience teaching all day non-stop

Thursday, in my life is the busiest day of all. why? because I have to teach from 06.50 a.m. to 04.00 pm. I must be at school at 06.50 a.m.  then I lead The Dzuha praying in the mosque, all of the students and other teachers become makmum. After finishing the praying, all of the students come into their own classes to have the first lesson. It's time for me to teach English to the 7A class, the first and the second lesson. Later I move into 8B, here I teach ICT(TIK) for the third lesson. well, I have to have a break-time at 09.15 a.m. when the time shows at 09.25 a.m. I must teach for the fourth lesson, TIK followed by Bahasa Indonesia for the fifth and the sixth lesson in the same class. it feels so tired to teach continuously without stopping. I still have to teach the rest lesson, it is English subject for the seventh and the eight lesson. The seventh is taught before the second break-time and last or the Eight one is after the break-time. Have you ever done things continuously without stopping like a machine?.

It hasn't been over yet because after the school hours I must teach again for computer course from half past one through half past three in the afternoon. The school finishes at 01.00 pm. it means that I am given half an hour to take a rest, to have lunch and praying for Dzuhur. Well, it's okay than nothing. When the time shows at 01.30 p.m. I start teaching the course untill 03.30 p.m.

Can you imagine how hard it is? A man should work for nearly all day. Thursday I am like a machine, working, teaching my students from morning till afternoon. I have never had such an experience like it before. The first is hard and difficult for me but I try to adapt with the environment. I then feel enjoy teaching all day with no stop, believe or not, I learn many things from my rare experience..
Thanks for being loyal to read my experience.. hope you are not bored with it, on the contrary, you'll learn English from my English articles... :)
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  1. wah cape juga ya pak..tapi sy salut sama perjuangan bapak bagi anak2 Indonesia

  2. yEAH, It's very tired, but I have to.. Thanks ya for your visit....hopefully this site would be useful. Amin....

  3. Ha3x...I wanna laugh coz funny thing, contrary and finally such as a blessing in disguise.
    First impression, it's such an information and complain though finally it's enjoyable as you feel it. But, I thought it would be have many impacts. It seem better while make plan as proportional due task for a week, of course have communication with colleagues or lesson planner for all class. The reason is by un-fit condition will have consequence in giving lesson. Ha...ha...ha
    Wish gotta change now.


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