Belajar Kata sambung(Conjuction) And, Or, but

Konjungsiatau kata sambung adalah kata yang menghubungkan kata, kumpulan kata(frase) dan kalimat/klausa.
And adalah kata sambung yang menunjukkan penambahan.
Or adalah kata sambung yang menunjukkan pilihan.
But adalah kata sambung yang menujukkan pertentangan.

MTs Darul Hikmah Sengon Kecamatan Subah Batang

Contoh :
1.   And
a.    Mother and father visit grandmom’s house.
b.    I like eating apple and banana.
c.    Uncle is reading a newspaper and aunt is cleaning the floor.
d.   Shinta goes to the post office and Ivan goes to the airport.
e.    Robert is making a cake and her friend is eating the cake.
f.     You and I are best friend.

2.   Or
a.    You choose me or him.
b.    Do you like apple or banana?
c.    Diego is doubt to kick the ball or shoot it.
d.   Do you want to eat fried chicken or meatballs?
e.    Will you go to the swimming-pool or the market?
f.     You prefer to go with John or Jack.
3.   But
a.    I want to go to my friend’s party but there is no motorcycle.
b.    Ria  has studied hard but she got bad mark.
c.    He wants to eat Satay but he has a tootache.
d.   My mother wants to cook but the there is no oil in the kitchen.
e.    Fifit will write a letter but she forgets her pen.
f.     We are going to have a football match but it is raining heavily.

E x c e r s i c e
Complete the following sentences with conjunction; and, or, and but!
1.   Rudi  .    .    .   .    Dona go to shool together.
2.   Will you choose mango  .   .   .    .   watermelon?
3.   I want to play football   .    .    .   the ball is flat.
4.   The teacher is teaching  .    .     .    .   the students are studying.
5.   Do you like to drink ice tea   .     .   .    .   juice?
6.   Choose one of them, Mobile phone   .    .    .   .   Laptop!
7.   Hendra works all day  .   .   .   .  he still get a little money.
8.   Father gives me a bicycle  .     .     .    .    a computer.
9.   Follow me  .    .    .   . him!
10.        Santi has tried to win the game    .    .    .    .   she failed
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