Indonesia should master English

Learning language especially English is not only focused on grammar only, but the other aspects are important as well. The four language skill should be thoroughly covered.  Speaking, listening, reading and writing has have the same portion. They are related to each other. Practically, the important goal of the language learning is on the application in the real conversation daily.
Indonesia has started the English education in the earlier time. Indonesian Students have been introduced since Elementary school although the government so far doesn’t have the exact and clear English curriculum and syllabus for Elementary school. English is a compulsory subject for junior high school and afterwards.
Although English has been taught since elementary school untill until college/university, still, Indonesian students have no good skill in English communication. So many Indonesian students, indonesian people have very poor English skill.
Indonesian people can’t speak english fluently. Indonesian speaks English like a book. We don’t know the real goal of English curriculum in Indonesia. The fact shows that Indonesian people can’t compete with other nations in other countries. Should the government stay quiet to this condition. Sholud we blame the government? Should we blame the curriculum and syllabus so far? Or should we blame the teachers? Or the students theirselves?
The problem of mastering English language for Indonesian people is that they don’t apply English in reall everyday conversation. English is only for school only. It is tobe studied only, it is just for getting value to pass the examination. The mindset should be changed. Don’t we know that Malaysian, Singapore, Indian have better English than our country. It is because they apply English in the real conversation daily.
Although we learn, we try to study English years and years, it is a waste of time if our English is emphasis only on grammar. We don’t want to be called, Indonesian English is like a book, do we? So, the government and the indonesian people should change this condition. We believe that Indonesian people can compete with other people in the world. Let’s begin!!!!!!
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