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Contoh teks Narrative: Pengalaman Penulis Inggris Anak

         Yang saya tulis di sini adalah kisah nyata mengenai perjalanan saya hingga saya menjadi seorang blogger dari nol. Banyak cerita susah dan senangnya. Silahkan baca di bawah ini. Special from Inggris Anak Admin.
Of Inggris anak
Mustofa- Young Almusto the writer of Inggris anak,com

This is my real narrative story

Well, I have an amazing experience in blogging. I am Mustofa. I started blogging in the year 2012. At first, I was not familiar about blogging, aboung making a blog, what is  really a blog for, and how can make it. I was blank at all.  I didnt know why then I began to be so interested about blogs. I surfed and browsed to some web pages, and web blogs. Iniatially, I just wanted to read and find some information presented by the writers. Later,    I began to judge about the appearance of the web blogs i visited. I compared from one blog to another, to others.

I wondered how could I make such beautiful blogs, interesting ones. From this curiousity, it led me to learning how to make a good blog, how to manage the blog, how to publish contents, how to create a good appearance in the blogs as well as  SEO, or how to make a blog popular and be visited by many visitors.

Day after day, I read, learn, then I tried to practise what I had gotten from reading and learning from many sources in the internet. It was time for me to make such an elegant blog for me. It was poor when I first made a blog. The blog seemed to be hard and it loaded slowly because I add accessories on my blog. I thought it could make my blog prettier but on the contrary it was hard to load. The first blog I made was Inggris  I was inspired by one of the blogs i had surfed that by making a blog we can share our knowlodge, our thoughts, ideas to other people around the world by means of a blog as a media. From the time on, I began to make a blog. I was an English teacher in an Elementary school called     SD N Siberuk. I initiated to focus writing and posting about teaching and learning English at elementary school. I had a mission of helping English teachers in this level.

Many articles had I posted, at the beginning my blog was lack of visitors. There were a few visitors coming to read the articles. As time goes by, and there were lots of contents relating to English learning for elementary school, Fun English learning through songs and games, many visitors were about to surf and visit my poor blog. I didn’t believe it. The visitors nearly reached 1600 people a day. It meant that my ideas were read by lots of people around the world. There were many visitors communicate with me via e-mail, facebook, or SMS through mobile phone. I was so busy serving those people of my own online friends.Having many online visitors, then I began to monetize my blogs by joining ppc, etc.  it’s not a dream. After being the member, I got money from it. 
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