Talking about a dream

Children like to talk about dreams. What will he or she be in the future. Parents and teachers often ask them what they want to be if they have grown up. It is interesting to talk about this. Teacher can ask them both in Indonesian and English. Before asking to them, the teachers need to give the vocabularies about profession or kind of jobs the students may know.

Talking about Profession
I want to be a nurse

Here are the vocabularies:

1.   Doctor
2.   Nurse
3.   Farmer
4.   Fisherman
5.   Driver
6.   Carpenter
7.   Barber
8.   Fireman
9.   Tailor
10.        Pilot
11.        Lawyer
12.        Actor/actress
13.        Writer
14.        Teacher
15.        Singer
16.        Dancer
17.        Chef/cook
18.        Soldier
19.        Jugde
20.        Director
21.        Steward/stewardess
22.        Etc.

The followings are the questions the teacher can ask:

1.   What do you want to be?
2.   What is your dream?
3.   What job will you do in the future?
4.   Do you want to be…..?

The students will answer : I want to be a…..


1.   I want to be a doctor
2.   I want to be a lawyer
3.   I want to be a teacher
4.   I want to be a singer
5.   I want to be a fireman

The song related to this for instance, Que Sera Sera
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