Removing English in Primary Schools, Kindergarten is not a solution

It’s been long long time, children learn English both at Elementary schools and kindergarten as well as Playgroup. The fact tells us that they are enthusiastic with English learning. They can sing English songs very well, they can play games and drawing.

This atmosphere will soon be removed by the new regulation from our government that English will not be recommended to be taught at those schools. The government doesn’t support us anymore as if it were in the earlier time.

English learning at primary schools
The Indonesian Goverment doesn't support English before the secondary schools

We are living in an era where there is no border between countries in the world. We are living in a sophisticated world. Where English becomes the world language used by people in all over the world. Most of materials, book, internet are written in English as a medium of communication. But why, Why our government doesn’t encourage English to be mastered.

It’s not fair if English is going to be removed, How can children get early English education? Is it OK if they start English from Secondary schools? Children will be difficult of course if they start learning at that school.

At Junior high school children don’t get English fun environment. They can’t sing, they can’t play games nor draw and color books. The atmosphere will be different of course as English at this school emphasizes on Genre-based learning. There no period where students can explore and find their time to study while learning English.  

In my opinion, English will be better if it’s taught from the earlier time. They need to know, to be introduced it by means of fun learning. This will drive them to the success of English learning in the next grade of school, at junior high schools as well as senior high schools even at University.

So, don’t take the children’s right. Isn’t Education is one of our fundamental right?. As mentioned in UUD 1945 which tells us that all of Indonesian people including children have their right  to get a good education. Removing English at the early education is not a solution. The solution itself is that English should be reorganized, both the curriculum and the teachers(Qualified teachers) their selves as well as the  environment which supports the atmosphere of fun English teaching-learning process.
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