MTs Darul Hikmah: Ely Susanti perfomed an English speech

On this occasion, The writer of Inggris Anak dot com will post a video of his own student. She is now the ninth grade of MTs Darul Hikmah Sengon. This video was recorded when the writer observed her in the English Speaking Contest. The contest was participated by all classes from the seventh through the ninth.

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Watch the video perfomed by Ely Susanti in the English Speaking Contest below on You Tube Video:

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Ditulis oleh: Almusto Channel - Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 komentar untuk "MTs Darul Hikmah: Ely Susanti perfomed an English speech"

  1. Gotta love, coz finally you've made the event. (clapping hand...3x) But, ups...back sound of supporters too noisy enough. Hard to digest the content of speech. (he...3x so sorry)

    ....first of all....

    I thought stressing in each word not necessary enough as it would be blurred the main message in each sentence. It's correlated with phrase.

    I do appreciate with your effort to make the learning process so challenging and fun for them. Wish you put clips the informal conversation too, not a contest as it's too serious.

    As you see, we've practiced to speak while eating pizza and of course discussed the content of foodstuff. he3x...tricky but nice

    Hi pals, as reference only, you could search Erlangga debate contest (the formal) or Singlish or Thai in youtube, as they use bilingual and nice to be heard.

  2. Sorry, I Just can upload such a poor video. I took it via mobile phone. it has a bad quaity both in sound and picture. This is my first upload upon You Tube Video..hahahahah, Thanks kang Mochtar

  3. Nothing to loose. You really offer new approach in learning. You could share with your students that there's one of happy follower your blog from jungle of borneo. Borderless world.

  4. Matur nuwun kang.Thanks for not boring to read my poor post...I'll tell them all that there is a special person visiting my blog..


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