I want to fly to America

One day my friend, named Mrs. Arny offered me to study a post graduate program(S2) to America. It’s a scholarship program. I can continue my study to the USA if I get the TOEFL score of 500 more. That only qualification is needed for me to realize my dream flying to America studying English.

Study English to America
I'd like to get a scholarship to study English in the USA

Mrs. Arny Promised me to call her relative in America to help me and herself get the scholarship of the post graduate program of English. The program will be free 100 percents. I don’t need to pay for the study. All I have to do is preparing for getting a good score for the TOEFL test.

Initially, I must take a TOEFL test for 350.000 rupiahs. Mrs Arny asks me to follow the TOEFL test which will be held in Semarang next month. Right now, I’ve been preparing both of money and material to be learned to have the test. Finally, I pray for me, myself and Mrs. Arny to pass the test well so we can fly to The USA to continue our post graduate program. For the reader of Inggris Anak, Pray for us, hopefully we can realize our dream. Amin.
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  1. Wow!!! Take a chance and prepare for it. Or wanna back to your ex school - as you explained in detail in yours article, as romanticism sense, pals? And we gotta laugh due it! Just kidding.

    Why don't you invite your friends/ex college, English teacher or even your students to make some comments due your blog. It's really beneficial for both, besides as media for communication.

    Wish you achieve the score!!! I have not fulfill it but happy to use it with my own style. he3x.....

  2. Thanks for your pray, I hope I can pass it. My students are not really familiar with blogging or web. They usually know the internet limited on facebook only..as fb has spread out in teenagers' life...

    My ex college and English teachers are too busy with their business, their family, they seldom to explore their ability by means of blog or whatever...

  3. Gotta succeed for the result, pals?

  4. The Toefl test, in fact is delayed until July,.. so I have got the test yet.

  5. Right here waiting (by Richard Max).... ha3x


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