English is interesting and fun: English for kids, children

Learning English for kids or children is interesting. English for young learners will be fun if the teacher has a capability, master the exact methods, and can manage and organize the English class. On this ocassion, the writer of Bahasa Inggris Anak Indonesia will once again discuss about animals.

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The students are enthusiastic to learn English.

One of the interesting lessons for kids is, animals, children are very interested and curious in animals. In everyday’s lives, they are used to interact with them. The animal are like: cat, dog, duck, buffalo, hen, rooster, bird, rabbit and so on. When teaching about animals, it will be very interested if children are encouraged to recognize and say the voice of certain animals. Below are some animals and their voices:

Goat : embek . . embek
Cat : meaow, meong
Hen : betok, betok
Duck : kwek kwek
Rooster : kukuruyuk
Cow : mooo
Dog : aug aug, ruff ruff
Wolf : auuuuuuuuuwh
Mouse : cit cit
Cricket : krik krik krik
Buffalo : oeek,
Chicks : cik cik, piyek, piyek
Snake : ssssst
Frog : trox...trox...crock
Pig : oink oink

The voices depend on teachers ability, he  or she can modify the voices then the students can understand them. To demonstrate the voices of certain animals the teacher can do the manually by his or her mouth or he or she can record the voices of the animals. The record can be demonstrated to the stundents. The students try to learn and recognize the voices. When learning this, teacher can fill it with the songs related to the theme, the teacher can use for example, Old Mcdonald song, Baa black sheep or others.

Starting with the demonstration, the students are asked to listen to the voices of the animals, then they imitate the voices, later they guess and recognize the name of the animals by their voices. To make the atmosphere funnier, The teacher can fill an intermezzo of the animal songs like Old Mcdonald. The teacher can develop, explore and modify  the teaching learning to meet the most enjoyable, interesting, and funniest  environment and it is hoped that the stundents can learn Enlgish well. They can accept the material with interesting ways. It is important to give such a good impression that English is an intersting subject to learn.
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  1. He3x we just surfing by youtube and found Thai dialect, Singlish and even Malay sense. Thus, actually, we could mix in with bahasa or our mother tongue. The main point give it as part of our life not just as lesson, as it's really bored.

  2. It sounds great Kang Mochtar...


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