Learn English through Story: Turtle's Flute (Belajar Bahasa Inggris anak-anak Indonesia)

Right now,  I would like to share to you all about one of the interesting ways to learn English for kids, for children at elementary school in Indonesia. The children will be very interested in story telling. This story I gained from you tube video and I had downloaded and now I will offer to you all. You can read the story while you listen to and watch the video. The video has an English subtitles so you can easily know the excat story by reading it as you watch. I suggest you to use this video to improve your students’ ability in listening comprehension. This title of the story is Turtle Flute, a brazilian folktale. Okay, I give the text/script of the story and you can also download the video file in the following download link.

Turtle’s Flute ( A Brazilian folktale)

Bahasa Inggris SD
Turtle's flute

Once upon a time, on the bank of a river, turtle played her flute. When turtle played, lions, elephants, butterflies, snakes and monkeys dance to turtle’s music. One day, a man heard turtle’s music
“Ahh..” he thought.
“That must be turtle making music. Turtle would taste very good right now.”
So he called out : “turtle! Show me your beautiful flute.”
Turtle slowly walked to the door and held out her flute. But the moment the man saw turtle, He grabbed her by the neck and began to run. Turtle tried to cry for help, but she couldn’t make a sound. She closed her eyes, holding tightly to her flute for good luck. When the man reached her hut, he put turtle into a cage and shut it. Then he turned to his children :
“don’t let turtle out of her cage.”  And off he went to the field.
The children began to play outside. Turtle sat very still inside her cage, thinking about the father’s word. She began to play a sweet tune on her flute, and the children ran to the cage.
“Is that you playing, turtle?” they asked. Their eyes wide with wonder.
“Yes,” Turtle said.
She kept on playing for she could see the children were delighted. At last she stopped.
“I can dance even better than I can play,” She said. “Would you like to see?”
“Oh, please!” the little boy cried.
“I’ll show you how to dance and play at the same time, “said turtle.  “But you must open the cage. There is no room in here.” So, the little boy opened the cage and turtle began to dance and play. The children laughed and clapped their hands, for never had they seen such a wonderful thing. Then, turtle stopped.
“Don’t stop!” the children cried.
“oh,” turtle groaned. “My legs are stiff. If I could walk just a little bit to loosen them..”
“Don’t go too far,” The little girl cautioned. “Come right back.”
“Never fear,” said turtle. “You wait right here.” Turtle crawled off toward the jungle. The moment she was out of sight. She raced all the way back to her house. Nobody ever found turtle again. But to this day, if you strain your ear, you can hear the sweet sound of a flute in the forest.

You can watch the video from you tube below:

If you would like to download the the script of the story please click the following download link:
Download the text of Turtle's Flute in PDF

Source : http://www.bookbox.com
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