Download The newest English songs for children (Indonesian)

Bahasa Inggris Anak will always try and try and post and post articles as many as possible to help Indonesian students  to get proper and easy ways in learning. In this occasion, I will post my posting still  about English songs for children, especially for Indonesian children learning English. Songs, however is one of the effective method for Indonesian children to obtain and get new vocabularies and also to get trained in pronouncing English words. The songs are created by the native speaker. I try and try to download again and again new songs from them and finally I want to present them to the Indonesian children learning English.

Bahasa Inggris anak
English songs for children

There six new songs I obtained from downloading at certain sites. Here are the sixth songs:

1. Rain-rain Go away
2. My bonnie
3. If you’re happy
4. Good morning (new)
5. The more we get together
6.  What color is the sky

Okay, my friends all, If you wanna download those songs. I put the download links below. The songs are in one rar file and you must extract it first then you can get a folder containing six English songs. 

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  1. i think english is a foreign language sir, would u share ur english song 2 me? thx b4 sir ( with all theme of elementary subject, ya

  2. yes that' right, foreign language has the same meaning as the second languge..ESL.Of course I will share to anyone needs them..anyway, thanks for visiting


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