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Hello, My name’s Mustofa, Many people in the internet often call me “Almusto” that’s my nickname when I was studying at IKIP PGRI Semarang. Then the name I use on my Facebook, Young Almusto. Although I’m getting older but I am always young, Young Almusto, not Old Almusto. I mean I always have a young spirit to create, and share my experiences by means of Blog. The blogs I have been organizing are Inggris, and

Everyday I teach English at MTs Darul Hikmah and SMK Bintara Batang. In the previous time, I taught English at SD Siberuk. I had been teaching there since 2005 until 2012 then for certain reason I left that school and moved to MTs for three days and the rest ones at SMK. Blogging is one of my intense activity beside teaching. As I mention in the previous, I care two blogs discussing about English for children and adults people and I also care a blog sharing about my village and computer and blogging. Here is my personal identity:


: Mustofa
Place and Date of Birth
: Batang, October 22nd 1984
: Islam
: Siberuk Village, RT 1 RW 1 Tulis-Batang, Central     Java
: Reading, Computer,Internet, Blogging, etc.
Mobile phone
: 085727058155
: English teacher, Farmer, Blogger.

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  1. ha3x...u name has similarity with one character of Umar Kayam series Mangan Ora Mangan Kumpul, Sugih Tanpa Banda, Madep Ngalor Sugih Madep Ngidul Sugih, Satrio Piningit ing Kampung Pingit - Mr.Ngalmost.

    just sending an article and please expose "farmer"

  2. Oh really? That sounds funny pals. You know, Now I feel so so sad. You know why? This site gets a penalty from Google so it is not easy for my site to be popular on Google search. It is because of my over optimization on SEO. I regret then... My blog is getting so so silent with a few visitors right now... Please help me what could I do right now pals..

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  5. It seems that I begin to be very lazy to post pals. I cant stand writing without being read by others, I mean my blog visitors. I'll concentrate myself on repairing my blog. If my blog gets well, I will post again..anyway, thanks for your suggestion pals..


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