Buku Kumpulan lagu Bahasa Inggris untuk anak-anak

Bahasa Inggris Anak. This night the writer would like to post a short article about the book that would be arranged and published by the writer himself. He has a plan to make a book containing the collection of English songs for children both of lyrics and the sound in mp3.

An English songs book for children
A English songs book for children

The writer thinks that English learning will be funnier and challenging by means of English songs. English songs themselves, however are parts of methods for teaching and giving students good atmosphere in introducing English which the aim is for giving an impression for children that English is an easy and fun subject to be known and learned.

The songs will be arranged based on the theme or unit of English learning. The song will be collected from many sources. The writer will also present the Indonesian songs that will be translated in English version for example, Balonku ada lima, Pelangi-pelangi, Cicak di dinding and so on.

Pray for the writer to finish this project so he can help many people especially, teachers and parents who want their children to learn English in a fun way. Thanks for reading this very very short article.
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