Do children learn English as they play games?

Game is one of the effective medias for learning English. Why? Almost games instruct us to follow step by step, how to do, how to play certain games in English. English is as the medium language used in playing games. Look at our kids, our children, how they’re interested in playing all kinds of games. It’s amazing that they can understand the ways to play the games. Are there anyone teaching them to play, to understand such English instructions, or guidance of how to do, to play those games? Children or kids learn to play them through trying and error although at first adult teach them. In some cases, they learn them by trying theirself. They can play the games and understand how to play because of their habits.

Learn English through paying games
Games can be a good media in introducing English to children

Never blame your kids as they play games, Game is not always negative thing. Here, we look games in other view, games, however can be a good way to let them learn English as they’re playing them. By getting accustomed to playing games, they can be brought to the world of imagination. Games offer many challenges for kids, children to overvcome such troubles, difficulties and finally they find the ways, the tricks, to pass them. What happens if they win the games? Of course there will be a satisfaction for them. “You won the game”, They will feel happy. Do they learn English? Yes, they do. They do learn English as they play the games.

It is wise, however, that adult or parents guide their children, accompany  them when they play games. Parent should choose the suitable games for their children. Some games are not good for kids, children. Certain games, rough games which full of violence are bad for them. In some cases, children imitate the behavior, the characters of the games, they sometimes do the bad things like the characters on the games, So, here, I advice parents to guide, to choose good games for their children. Adventure games, education games are the examples of them. At last I just can say “Don’t worry, They will learn English, they will be familiar with it”.
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  1. Finally their parent such as "kebo nusu gudel" coz have not enough reference as their children do. Hi3x...javanese wisdom...

  2. Yupz that's right kang Mochtar..Kebo nyusu gudel. The older learn from the younger people


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