Sinau "There is dan there are" untuk anak SD

There is dan there are artinya ada, there is digunakan untuk benda tunggal(singular noun) dan there are digunakan untuk benda jamak(plural noun).
Contoh :

There is

1.       There is a cat( ada seekor kucing)
2.       There is a book on the table
3.       There is one computer in my school
4.       There is a girl in the library
5.       There is an apple in the basket
6.       There is a teacher
7.       There is one elephant
8.       There is a plane
9.       There is a monkey
10.   There is a window

There are

1.       There are two pencils(ada dua pensil)
2.       There are five plates
3.       There are some boys
4.       There are nine bananas
5.       There are eleven players in a football team
6.       There are many students
7.       There are one hundred helicopters over the buildings
8.       There are four mice in the box
9.       There are ninety marbles
10.   There are many people standing at the gate

Fill the blanks with “there is or there are”!

1.       _____________________  two books on the table
2.       _____________________  One ruler in the bag
3.       _____________________  Eight pictures in the wall
4.       _____________________  Some glasses
5.       _____________________  A tiger in the cage
6.       _____________________  An eagle fying over the tree
7.       _____________________  Fifty crocodiles in the river
8.       _____________________  A buffalo
9.       _____________________  Many brooms 
10.   _____________________  One manggo in the basket
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